Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Until I see Results?

Immediately after one treatment! You will notice that your hair is softer, shinier and easier to style. Our conditioner contains potassium and other liquid fruit nutrients that feed the moisture tissues of the hair.


How do I know I need this type of intense masque?

We recommend doing a submerge test: take a bowl of water and place one hair on top, making sure the side do not touch. Set a timer for 3 minutes and if any part of the hair sinks in this time period, it means area of concern. Hair should hold 1/3 of it's dry weight and sinking means low moisture. Banana-Banana can repair this imbalance. Little dots around a floating hair indicate a residue.


Emergency! My hair is dry and brittle, limp and lifeless/doesn't feel soft and sexy - what can I do?

For an emergency hair repair, do the Beverly Hills Hard Hat Banana-Banana Deep Conditioning Masque then continue with daily rinse after shampoo.


How much should I use?

For daily conditioning after shampooing, use one sachet or one tablespoon or less for shorter hair. For deep conditioning on dry hair, use 1/8 to 1/4 cup, depending on hair length. (See "How to Use" page for Beverly Hills Hard Hat Conditioning)


Is this good for men, too?

Yes! Especially for men's coarse beards. This product gives a thicker appearance for men experiencing thinning lanugo hair.


Why can't I just smash a banana and put it on my hair?

A banana is far too heavy on it's own to penetrate into the moisture tissues. Our proprietary blend takes real banana pulp and blends it with amino acids and other nutrients enabling deep penetration.


Why is there alcohol in the product?

It is a natural emulsifier to keep the oils and raw materials together. We use alcohol derived from the coconut.


Should I take Banana-Banana on holiday?

Absolutely. It protects your hair from sun and wind damage. Sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, but too much sun opens the cuticle and dries out the hair.



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